Track Record

“I worked with Kim and Jasmijn over the past years on our compliance program and management system. What I value in them is their pragmatic hands-on approach, combined with solid legal knowledge and a good dose of humor. They always keep the business interests in mind without compromising on integrity and compliance with the law. With their expertise, but also from a personal perspective, they made a valuable contribution to my team. I would work again with them at any time.”

Alexander Ghazvinian, Chief Compliance Officer at Maersk

“My team and I worked together with Jasmijn and Kim at APM Terminals on creating competition compliance standards for our projects. They stand out in providing practical guidance that is easily taken on board by the team in their day-to-day work. Jasmijn and Kim would operate as a project team member, involved in the project from start to finish. Their advice is to the point and reasonable, always balancing the compliance and business angle and providing a workable solution. Their willingness to invest time in understanding our business and work, paid off in great team work and added value for our business.”

André la Cour, Director and Head of Portfolio and Commercial Strategy Advisory at APM Terminals

Creating a quick guide for the business on various compliance topics for ASICS Europe. This quick guide assists the business in signaling and understanding compliance issues that they may face and gives practical guidance on how to deal with those. The guide has been proven to be a useful business tool. 

Assisting Mind Merchants – an all-round legal service provider – in creating a worldwide compliance obligation register for a large multinational, covering a full range of compliance topics relevant to the Netherlands. The register enhances client’s grip on the numerous rules and obligations it is faced with.  

Training the business professionals of a large media company on competition compliance. Interactive training sessions in which we trained with real case studies and simple do’s and don’ts. This contributed to the effectiveness of the training. The client noticed that the trained professionals would refer to the do’s and don’ts in their day-to-day work. A good example of how you can engage the business to comply with the – not always easy to grasp – competition rules.