Competition law

Competition laws around the world promote free and fair competition between companies. Anti-competitive arrangements between competitors and abuse of a dominant market position are forbidden. In addition, certain mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures require upfront approval of regulators.
Each company needs to be compliant with the complex competition rules in its business practices. The impact of non-compliance on the company and its employees is severe. By creating awareness throughout your company for the rules, you can effectively mitigate the risk of a competition law infringement.


In the global fight against corruption, practically each country condemns corrupt practices. Corrupt practices are sanctioned with imprisonment and also have negative commercial consequences. Companies can be confronted with corruption in many different situations and locations. It can even be as simple as accepting an invite to a soccer match. Corruption is not limited to a certain geographic area or type of business. Corruption typically relates to government officials, but bribery of commercial counterparts is also prohibited. Corruption prevention and doing business in an ethical manner go hand-in-hand. The Compliance Company can assist in creating the right framework for your company.

Data privacy

Data privacy remains to be a hot topic. With the implementation of the GDPR (“European General Data Protection Regulation”) the regulatory framework became stricter and uniform in all EU member states. National regulators can impose significant fines in case of a breach. Your company may have adapted its data processing to the new rules, but are all employees aware of these rules and your internal policy? We also see in practice that there is much room for improvement when it comes to streamlining and simplifying internal processes.

Trade compliance

Doing business with certain countries is restricted by international and national trade sanctions. These sanctions may limit companies in trading with certain organisations and individuals. Export controls regulate the trade of certain goods and services in and out a certain country. Trading can be prohibited and in other cases a license needs to be obtained.
Enforcement reaches beyond geographical borders and can lead to significant fines, imprisonment and impact the business possibilities of a company. The Compliance Company can help you to set up a system to assess your business under the ever-changing sanction rules.